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So Ye're Going to Wear the Kilt?

Guid on Ye! (That means congratulations in Scots.) And you are to be congratulated. Even if you don't necessarily have Scottish or Celtic roots, Kelly and I will both be honoured by your donning the traditional attire of our Highland anscestors at our wedding.There are very few things more manly than wearing a kilt, and yes- it is absolutely a man's garment. Haven't you seen Braveheart? And if that's not enough convincing- the chics dig it!

Kilt Check List

As we are having what some call a Country Wedding, it will be relatively informal so you need not rent or buy the more formal kit that typically goes along with a wedding outfit! This formal attire basicly equates to the Prince Charlie Coatee (with tails) and black tie and the special brogues that are standard at virtually every kilt shop. The Scottish Tartans Museum in Franklin, North Carolina can outfit you with everything you need, whether renting or buying. At minimum what you would want to make sure you have is:

  • Kilt
  • Sporran
  • Kilt Hose with Flashes.

What can easily come out of your own closet are:

  • shoes (wing tip brogue-style shoes look the best)
  • shirt&tie or top (button-up Oxford shirt with solid tie is safe or virtually any sweater).

You may also be interested in wearing a kilt jacket with or without a waistcoat. A tweed sport coat can relatively easily be converted into a kilt jacket by your local seamstress or crafty spouse/relative. Here is a link to a guide for converting or cutting down a sport coat to fit a kilt: Kilt Jacket Conversion.

There are some important points about a kilt that you will want to pay attention to:

  • The Pleats of the kilt go in the BACK with the flat aprons in the front!
  • The Kilt is worn on the hips or natural waist, on or about the navel (if you have a short waist, try wearing a waistcoat or sweater that will cover the top of the kilt for a more balanced look);
  • The Sporran usually fits best worn a hands breadth below the navel;
  • A normal Sport Coat is too long to wear with a kilt and will look out of sorts;
  • What you wear under the Kilt is your own business- trust me, I don't want to know!

For more answers to other kilt questions, I recommend you look to Matt Newsome at his website, and also the book by J. Charles Thompson, So You're Going to Wear the Kilt?. For those who wish to truly delve into the world of the kilt-wearer, take a peek into X Marks the Scot- a forum devoted to the wearing of the kilt.


updated: 19 November 2008